Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Okay, so I don't really have enough time to even be writing this blog, but procrastination once again has gotten the best of me... With that being said, I just have one quick question for any of you out there with the expertise to answer this question.. How do I get a job?? I hate the uncertainty.. I just want to be able to graduated University with a job, I never assumed this would be too much to ask. hahah To be honest, I hate the paper work. haha... I try really hard to be organized, but it is all the details of what goes in the envelope that gets me. My car is a beater, it can't be driven all around town, just so I can put my name on a list. *Sigh.. All I want to say when I walk into the "room" is.. Hell, I 'm Keely and I want to be a teacher, just hire me because I know I'll rock. That is all.

Comments glady appreaciated!

So long, Farewell.. adoo doooo doo0o0o

Friday, November 26, 2010

Revisting my Roots..

Lately I've been getting back into old habits, but by habits I don't mean getting slobbering drunk and forgetting how I got home... but rather reconnecting with some Old hobbies of mine. I must say I feel great! I have always highland danced, it has always been on the sly, still is. it was one of those things I did my whole life since I was five, but than once I graduated highschool I just felt no need to do it anymore. Thankfully my friend SJ encouraged me to get back at it. Just like riding a bike the steps all came back. Perhaps I might tell a few friends when I plan on going public with the scottish dancing, not making any promises though.

The other hobbie I have been able to start up again is Singing! Man, do I love singing! It was just my luck then that at my last teaching placement I overheard ( I was convo creeping, I'll admit) that a choir was short a few sopranos. Ah ha ! I'm a Soprano! And there you had it, history was made.. I was recruited to the trinity choir. Had my first concert with them this past Sunday. Great people.. awesome desserts.. I was won over. haha

So as you can see somehow I have been able to make time for a few hobbies.. and I must admit i really missed singing and dancing. So after reading this blog I hope you get back at that interest you have always had and maybe lost sight of.. you won't regret it!

Happy trails to you.. Until we meet again.. bah duuumm duuumm.. :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Keely.. Is that all?

Greetings!!. ( to the whomever is out there... if any)

I wanted to write down my thoughts the other day, and then I relised I still have my blog.. so, here I go again.. Keely Rant special! haha

Lately the thought of me being some insignificant human just chilling on this planet called Earth has me bothered. I want to be able to make a difference. But where do I start? I am a teacher in training, I feel that is a good start. However, even as a teacher I am expected to teach a particular curriculm..there is more to life than being book smart. I've never quite fit into the small little box, but I feel sometimes I have no choice to squeeze into the box, even though I really don't want to.

Being a teacher, its a career path. It is what your parents expect from their child. They want there children to grow up to be successful and happy. Is it my dream job, no. But I am okay in knowing that. I think what it boils down to for myself is fear. Life is about traditions, but I am not traditional!

I feel I never will find my niche.. Should I create my own. I am keely. But I want that name to resognate so much more...

sigh.. i think i am going through my mid life crisis at 23... great.. haha

bye for now!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Procrastination, The Killer Epidemic

My goodness, Procrastination. Some of you may have a loved ones that suffer from this awful disease, others may still be battling the disease. My prayers go out to you. I, myself , am currently in remission, and let me tell you.. I have had a few relapses. ( one of the being this blog)

Its an awful thing. Its timing is impeccable, and I hate it for that. I mean can't I ever do an assignment two weeks in advanced, is that too much to ask. For some people they have this talent to be organized, and well, stick to their own internal deadlines. I lack this, and for that I am so envious of the few people that never have that feeling of panic, anxiety, and stress!

There are different types of procrastination, like many diseases. It has multiple strands;

1. The procrastinator without any deadlines. These people cause enormous amounts of stress on themselves. When the end of a term comes they hand in everything that was due throughout the year, weather the teacher likes it or not. Due dates are irrelevant to them, they will hand in the assignment when it is convenient for them. I look forward to tackling this as a teacher.

2. The second type is the procrastinator that still adheres to the deadline. This really is a talent. It becomes more of a talent if the work that you do submit is actually grade A stuff. This type of person ends of doing every assignment, no matter how hard they try.. the night before it is due, but they some how manage to get it done in time.

Then it becomes broken into two subcategories;
a. The procrastinator that always manages to hand in their work on time and never receive bad marks. Therefore this vicious cycle continues because being a procrastinator hasn't failed them yet. They need to reach their rock bottom
b. Then their is the procrastinator who attempts to finish their work on time only to realise it is not possible. They then proceed in asking the teacher for an extension, and end up handing it in late again!! Now, the teacher is lucky if they ever see the assignment. Sheesh.. This is a very lonely, dark place, where most procrastinators pray they will never end up in.

Procrastination can hit you at anytime. For me, my problem is when I don't feel the pressure to finsih something, I put it off. I need the deadlines. However, doing something two weeks ahead of time lacks urgency, and therefore I just cannot do that. I am a pressure junkie I suppose. Its the adrenline that rushes through your veins... I have to get this done , its on.. and then you just start the cycle all over again.

Procrastination may prohibit me from getting better marks because I don't allow myself to put in as much time and effort as I would like sometimes. However, I am a recovering procrastinator so I have started to do things ahead of schedule and I must say it feels good. With that being said, can I just throw my procrastination days out the window? Or is there some good in this dreaded disease??

Well.. Im off to procrastinate some more on my Cluster Portfolio, Maybe another blog will come about from this.. haha ( and the cycle continues..)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Misplaced, pretty much the understatement of my life. I am forever losing, forgetting, misplacing things.. I fear one day I'll forget to wear pants to school. This too is something that if you know me, you know me to be someone who is constantly misplacing something. I lose my phone about every hour, my purse once a week.. This leads me to having panic attack episodes where I go into a whirl wind of where it could be? I usually pin it on everyone else but myself.

.. Purse Is gone, only logical explanation is someone broke into my locked, very ugly, car and jacked my purse. People these days, just can't be trusted..

Hours later.. purse is in the backseat of my friend's car. I am sure that was all part of the culprit's master plan. ha ha..

Its bad enough that I am losing things, but trying to figure out preventative measures is the struggle for me. If I have something that I cannot lose I will put it in the most ridiculous hiding spot, only to confuse myself in the long run.. So as you can see it is a vicious and exhausting cycle.

You may wonder when was my last episode, well.. this morning in fact! I feel sorry for the people I make worry, more specifically my boyfriend, ha.

So what does this have to do with Education, or technology for that matter? Well my disorganization is linked to my daily routine. It starts off in computer class, for some unknown reason I decided to create a different password, and even for some a different email for any of my creations. I'm not exactly sure what my genius plan was, but it has just caused mass confusion for myself everytime I sign into any of the following; twitter, facebook, hotmail, gmail, even my blog!

Also, being unorganized also makes me worry for my classroom. I am really creative, but my brain always feels like so much is going on at one time, the term I often use to describe this is "scatter brain" I fear that my classroom will look like my brain threw up.. ha , literally.

So my question is how do you get organized, when you are so use to being unorganized? Please tell me its possible.. I can't continue losing my life every other day. Its mentally exhausting! ha ha

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hummmm zinger!

Back again, I made a promise to my fellow fans ( ha ha) to write something exciting on this blog, which would likely lead me into discussing the events of Destination Unknown. ha, lets just not go there... ha

Moving on... I am one of those people who at any time throughout my day I have a song playing in my head. Sometimes its multiple songs, others time I may not be as fortunate.. And will just have a really irritating song playing in my head all day.. that is the worse. That usually depends on whats on the radio. However with that said, I always appreciate finding new music. The music I listen to really depends on the mood that I am in. Music is definetly my self-therapy. I don't understand those people who rarely listen to music, or don't have a favorite band,artist or genre.. how is that possible? Music to me is the universal language. I tuned into Hope for Haiti last night and it made me think ... Music connects us all. I love that about music.

I consider myself to be fairly muscial as well. I love,love love kareoke.. I 've been learning to play the guitar.. slowly. The first song I just had to learn was black bird by the beatles. I am either singing, humming throughout my day.. What hinders me from going farther with music is my patience.. or lack there of. ha I want to be good now!

So the humming thing I swear is genetic. I refer to it as the "chronic hummer" I haven't gotten as bad as my mother or my grandma but i fear it is coming. Those two hum ALL the time without evening knowing it.. Oh and hummzinger the game, I will kick your ass in. ha

Then there is the ever growing challenge between my friends and I.. Tell me a title of a song, and I will likely be able to sing back the melody. This includes most genres. It is strange because I really don't know how I developed such a large repitoire.. I'd like to think my family had a big influence, I mean we do sing kareoke together ( my family owns a kareoke machine) whenever were together.. Dad usually hogs the mic .

I could go on about my love for music for awhile.. Technology has really expanded my repitoire too, I am always looking up new sounds on the net. I love it.. With that being said those of you reading this.. Here our my suggestions to you, Take a listen.

Selah Sue- Anything by her is a treat, specifically raggamuffin
Matt Moriss ft. Justin timberlake- bloodline, there voices together, like butter!
Nneka- Heartbeat, love the messages in her songs.
Ray Montague- let it be me
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros- 40 day dream.. this song was recommended to me, love , love!
Jack Johnson- Flake
Alicia Keys-Try sleeping with a broken heart ( Because I am a girl.. ha )
The animals- House of the rising sun.. Classic

And for all you country buffs out there, because I mean this is brandon, mb.. Check out Hank Williams, Jimmy dean, Johnny Cash songs.. that's country

Love to hear new suggestions!

Monday, January 18, 2010


I find it hard to keep up with this blogging. For one reason my life is painfully boring, I guess blogging will motivate me to get a more exciting life.

stay tuned to a thrilling blog... ( i think?)