Friday, November 26, 2010

Revisting my Roots..

Lately I've been getting back into old habits, but by habits I don't mean getting slobbering drunk and forgetting how I got home... but rather reconnecting with some Old hobbies of mine. I must say I feel great! I have always highland danced, it has always been on the sly, still is. it was one of those things I did my whole life since I was five, but than once I graduated highschool I just felt no need to do it anymore. Thankfully my friend SJ encouraged me to get back at it. Just like riding a bike the steps all came back. Perhaps I might tell a few friends when I plan on going public with the scottish dancing, not making any promises though.

The other hobbie I have been able to start up again is Singing! Man, do I love singing! It was just my luck then that at my last teaching placement I overheard ( I was convo creeping, I'll admit) that a choir was short a few sopranos. Ah ha ! I'm a Soprano! And there you had it, history was made.. I was recruited to the trinity choir. Had my first concert with them this past Sunday. Great people.. awesome desserts.. I was won over. haha

So as you can see somehow I have been able to make time for a few hobbies.. and I must admit i really missed singing and dancing. So after reading this blog I hope you get back at that interest you have always had and maybe lost sight of.. you won't regret it!

Happy trails to you.. Until we meet again.. bah duuumm duuumm.. :)