Saturday, February 27, 2010

Procrastination, The Killer Epidemic

My goodness, Procrastination. Some of you may have a loved ones that suffer from this awful disease, others may still be battling the disease. My prayers go out to you. I, myself , am currently in remission, and let me tell you.. I have had a few relapses. ( one of the being this blog)

Its an awful thing. Its timing is impeccable, and I hate it for that. I mean can't I ever do an assignment two weeks in advanced, is that too much to ask. For some people they have this talent to be organized, and well, stick to their own internal deadlines. I lack this, and for that I am so envious of the few people that never have that feeling of panic, anxiety, and stress!

There are different types of procrastination, like many diseases. It has multiple strands;

1. The procrastinator without any deadlines. These people cause enormous amounts of stress on themselves. When the end of a term comes they hand in everything that was due throughout the year, weather the teacher likes it or not. Due dates are irrelevant to them, they will hand in the assignment when it is convenient for them. I look forward to tackling this as a teacher.

2. The second type is the procrastinator that still adheres to the deadline. This really is a talent. It becomes more of a talent if the work that you do submit is actually grade A stuff. This type of person ends of doing every assignment, no matter how hard they try.. the night before it is due, but they some how manage to get it done in time.

Then it becomes broken into two subcategories;
a. The procrastinator that always manages to hand in their work on time and never receive bad marks. Therefore this vicious cycle continues because being a procrastinator hasn't failed them yet. They need to reach their rock bottom
b. Then their is the procrastinator who attempts to finish their work on time only to realise it is not possible. They then proceed in asking the teacher for an extension, and end up handing it in late again!! Now, the teacher is lucky if they ever see the assignment. Sheesh.. This is a very lonely, dark place, where most procrastinators pray they will never end up in.

Procrastination can hit you at anytime. For me, my problem is when I don't feel the pressure to finsih something, I put it off. I need the deadlines. However, doing something two weeks ahead of time lacks urgency, and therefore I just cannot do that. I am a pressure junkie I suppose. Its the adrenline that rushes through your veins... I have to get this done , its on.. and then you just start the cycle all over again.

Procrastination may prohibit me from getting better marks because I don't allow myself to put in as much time and effort as I would like sometimes. However, I am a recovering procrastinator so I have started to do things ahead of schedule and I must say it feels good. With that being said, can I just throw my procrastination days out the window? Or is there some good in this dreaded disease??

Well.. Im off to procrastinate some more on my Cluster Portfolio, Maybe another blog will come about from this.. haha ( and the cycle continues..)