Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Misplaced, pretty much the understatement of my life. I am forever losing, forgetting, misplacing things.. I fear one day I'll forget to wear pants to school. This too is something that if you know me, you know me to be someone who is constantly misplacing something. I lose my phone about every hour, my purse once a week.. This leads me to having panic attack episodes where I go into a whirl wind of where it could be? I usually pin it on everyone else but myself.

.. Purse Is gone, only logical explanation is someone broke into my locked, very ugly, car and jacked my purse. People these days, just can't be trusted..

Hours later.. purse is in the backseat of my friend's car. I am sure that was all part of the culprit's master plan. ha ha..

Its bad enough that I am losing things, but trying to figure out preventative measures is the struggle for me. If I have something that I cannot lose I will put it in the most ridiculous hiding spot, only to confuse myself in the long run.. So as you can see it is a vicious and exhausting cycle.

You may wonder when was my last episode, well.. this morning in fact! I feel sorry for the people I make worry, more specifically my boyfriend, ha.

So what does this have to do with Education, or technology for that matter? Well my disorganization is linked to my daily routine. It starts off in computer class, for some unknown reason I decided to create a different password, and even for some a different email for any of my creations. I'm not exactly sure what my genius plan was, but it has just caused mass confusion for myself everytime I sign into any of the following; twitter, facebook, hotmail, gmail, even my blog!

Also, being unorganized also makes me worry for my classroom. I am really creative, but my brain always feels like so much is going on at one time, the term I often use to describe this is "scatter brain" I fear that my classroom will look like my brain threw up.. ha , literally.

So my question is how do you get organized, when you are so use to being unorganized? Please tell me its possible.. I can't continue losing my life every other day. Its mentally exhausting! ha ha

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  1. Keely,

    I truly believe that some of the greatest teachers are the least organized, and it is this quality that for the most part, helps them stay calm. Don't be too hard on yourself...a person can be too much the other way too. The to live and everything you do is balance! Your scatter brainess will prove you well in the field because your lack of organization demonstrates flexibility and openness to change. Every one is different in terms of the organizational skills that they require to function. You have a system that works (most of the time.haha.) so why change it? Don't get me wrong, we can always use a little change for personal growth, but you are who you are, and I think you have alot to offer, especially as a teacher!