Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hummmm zinger!

Back again, I made a promise to my fellow fans ( ha ha) to write something exciting on this blog, which would likely lead me into discussing the events of Destination Unknown. ha, lets just not go there... ha

Moving on... I am one of those people who at any time throughout my day I have a song playing in my head. Sometimes its multiple songs, others time I may not be as fortunate.. And will just have a really irritating song playing in my head all day.. that is the worse. That usually depends on whats on the radio. However with that said, I always appreciate finding new music. The music I listen to really depends on the mood that I am in. Music is definetly my self-therapy. I don't understand those people who rarely listen to music, or don't have a favorite band,artist or genre.. how is that possible? Music to me is the universal language. I tuned into Hope for Haiti last night and it made me think ... Music connects us all. I love that about music.

I consider myself to be fairly muscial as well. I love,love love kareoke.. I 've been learning to play the guitar.. slowly. The first song I just had to learn was black bird by the beatles. I am either singing, humming throughout my day.. What hinders me from going farther with music is my patience.. or lack there of. ha I want to be good now!

So the humming thing I swear is genetic. I refer to it as the "chronic hummer" I haven't gotten as bad as my mother or my grandma but i fear it is coming. Those two hum ALL the time without evening knowing it.. Oh and hummzinger the game, I will kick your ass in. ha

Then there is the ever growing challenge between my friends and I.. Tell me a title of a song, and I will likely be able to sing back the melody. This includes most genres. It is strange because I really don't know how I developed such a large repitoire.. I'd like to think my family had a big influence, I mean we do sing kareoke together ( my family owns a kareoke machine) whenever were together.. Dad usually hogs the mic .

I could go on about my love for music for awhile.. Technology has really expanded my repitoire too, I am always looking up new sounds on the net. I love it.. With that being said those of you reading this.. Here our my suggestions to you, Take a listen.

Selah Sue- Anything by her is a treat, specifically raggamuffin
Matt Moriss ft. Justin timberlake- bloodline, there voices together, like butter!
Nneka- Heartbeat, love the messages in her songs.
Ray Montague- let it be me
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros- 40 day dream.. this song was recommended to me, love , love!
Jack Johnson- Flake
Alicia Keys-Try sleeping with a broken heart ( Because I am a girl.. ha )
The animals- House of the rising sun.. Classic

And for all you country buffs out there, because I mean this is brandon, mb.. Check out Hank Williams, Jimmy dean, Johnny Cash songs.. that's country

Love to hear new suggestions!

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  1. Wow I hear ya.. I tend to be a constant hummer, or, whisperer? I don't know how to describe it. It's more like I'm whistling by not making any sounds.

    I too find it theraputic. The other day at work (I work with a man with a mental illness), my cleint was having a very aggressive episode. About half-way through I realized I had been "whistling" some caribean folk song I think I heard on a kids show the entire time. I attributed my calm demeanor to this. Its great!

    Good post. I don't have any suggestions for you, other than Bat Out of Hell by Meat Loaf. Its pretty exciting.