Saturday, July 17, 2010

Keely.. Is that all?

Greetings!!. ( to the whomever is out there... if any)

I wanted to write down my thoughts the other day, and then I relised I still have my blog.. so, here I go again.. Keely Rant special! haha

Lately the thought of me being some insignificant human just chilling on this planet called Earth has me bothered. I want to be able to make a difference. But where do I start? I am a teacher in training, I feel that is a good start. However, even as a teacher I am expected to teach a particular curriculm..there is more to life than being book smart. I've never quite fit into the small little box, but I feel sometimes I have no choice to squeeze into the box, even though I really don't want to.

Being a teacher, its a career path. It is what your parents expect from their child. They want there children to grow up to be successful and happy. Is it my dream job, no. But I am okay in knowing that. I think what it boils down to for myself is fear. Life is about traditions, but I am not traditional!

I feel I never will find my niche.. Should I create my own. I am keely. But I want that name to resognate so much more...

sigh.. i think i am going through my mid life crisis at 23... great.. haha

bye for now!

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  1. Hey Keely - being Keely is a lot. As a teacher you can make a big difference to kids, parents and even in some ways to education.Yes - you have a 'curriculum' to teach, but the real important stuff is NOT in those guides, you do not have to fit into that box! be different, be yourself, you will make a difference when you get into your classroom. In the meantime, enjoy summer! See you in September!Nice to see you using the blog!