Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Okay, so I don't really have enough time to even be writing this blog, but procrastination once again has gotten the best of me... With that being said, I just have one quick question for any of you out there with the expertise to answer this question.. How do I get a job?? I hate the uncertainty.. I just want to be able to graduated University with a job, I never assumed this would be too much to ask. hahah To be honest, I hate the paper work. haha... I try really hard to be organized, but it is all the details of what goes in the envelope that gets me. My car is a beater, it can't be driven all around town, just so I can put my name on a list. *Sigh.. All I want to say when I walk into the "room" is.. Hell, I 'm Keely and I want to be a teacher, just hire me because I know I'll rock. That is all.

Comments glady appreaciated!

So long, Farewell.. adoo doooo doo0o0o